The Bachelor: Interview with Shawntel Newton

Shawntel Newton Explains Why She Crashed The Bachelor| The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, Brad Womack, Emily Maynard

In this new interview with People Magazine, Shawntel Newton explains why she came back for Ben Flajnik.

On her connection with Ben Flajnik: I made it very clear on Twitter I had a crush on him and wanted to get to know him [during] Ashley's season. He sent me a private message and we exchanged numbers. We [said] we should meet in person but he couldn't be seen in public. It never happened.

 Did she think she'd get a rose: I was very confident walking in, because I knew he felt something for me, too. I really thought he would keep me and at least take me on a date to see if there was something. I would have liked that a whole lot better than talking to him for two minutes, getting picked on and then being sent home.

Who were the worst offenders?
Jaclyn told me she wanted to punch [me] in the face. Courtney was the most harsh. When I got sent home, she laughed and said, "Sayonara." Defending myself for two hours was exhausting. A girl can only take so much. I snuck off to the bathroom and I cried.  Read the full interview with Shawntel Newton at!

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