Bachelor Pad Spoilers Week 3

Bachelor Pad Spoiler Alert! According to Bachelor Blogger, Reality Steve, here is what's happening on Bachelor Pad Week 3!

Challenge: A synchronized swimming contest, judged by former Bachelor Pad winners, Natalie Getz and Dave Good.

Group Date #1: Michelle takes Kasey, Graham, and Blake to a vineyard in LA. 
Group Date #2: Michael takes Vienna, Holly, and Ella horse back riding. They go horse back riding, Micheal gives Holly the rose.

According to Reality Steve, Kasey gives Vienna a ring. Is it an engagement ring?

Rose Ceremony Elimination:  Say goodbye to Jake Pavelka! Vienna will be happy about this.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Casey is being called up for the rose? :(
Could it be that he's being told to say his good bye's and leave Bachelor Pad ( should be called the Vascular Pad) !
They never showed the rose being put on either! Just another way to make us watch! I'm through if Jake went home! He's done nothing to anyone there!
Casey is plain stupid if he thinks Vienna is true to him! When he have her the promise ring she never told him she loved him back! What she said was; I hope it's not an engagement ring? And oh how sweet when he sang her a song! Most women in love would have been in tears and confessing her love for the man she was in love with!
Vienna, is in love with Vienna!
Get over it! Grow up!

Anonymous said...

Wonder why they didn't show scenes for next week?
Maybe we will finally see the real Vienna, if Casey goes home she will be on her own! Maybe everyone will see through her! She is a dramatic cry baby! I don't think she would know the truth if it hit her in the face!
If she really loved Casey, she would have left with him last week when he offered!
Come on Casey, your smarter than this! You can do alot better! You should have went after Gia! She is true to her bones! Think about out!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it would be stupid from them not to vote casey guy off bcuz he is too stupid letting viena play him like a dumy. Hopefully that will open his eyes.

Anonymous said...

BRING Jake BACK, Vienna has shown her true colors AGAIN... bring a twist to the season and bring back one male and one female back... MAKE SURE THAT JAKE is the male.... Send Vienna home!!!!!what a witch and Kasey seriously, you have issues dude, your girlfriend wouldn't be acting like this over Jake if she wasn't still in love with him. She's not over him and that's why she can't be around him. she cheated on him and that's why it's over and she's scared that america will see her for what she is... she should not have won on the Bachelor and she should never have been asked back on this show. Jake is gone, I won't watch anymore, the interest was in how long before Jake can get Kasey voted off and then see Vienna really lose it cause no one is there to "guard and protect her heart". YUK!