Bachelor Pad 2 Scandal!

Bachelor Pad 2 has not yet started yet and already a rumored scandal! According to this Perez, former Bachelor contestant, Craig Robinson (Ali Fedotowsky's season), had an alleged romance with the shows producer, Karri-Leigh Mastrangelo.

According to Robinson, "Mastrangelo came on to him and eventually Robinson reluctantly accepted her advances in fear of losing his chance at Bachelor Pad if he didn't. Humoring her hunt, he let her kiss him but swears nothing else ever happened. A little after he
decided to reject her for good, he was kicked out the Pad list, being told legal implications might arise if he were to win. As for Mastrangelo, not only was she let go from the show, her husband got wind of the situation and left her." Remind anyone of Rozlyn Papa (Jake Pavelka's season) and her affair with a show's producer? 

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