Chris Harrison Bachelorette Blog Week 7


In Chris Harrison's new Bachelorette Blog Week 7 for Entertainment Weekly, he talks about Ashley's dates and his interview with Emily Maynard.

Chris Harrison on Ashley's 1-on-1 with Ryan: "Easily the most noteworthy moment of the episode came during Ashley’s one-on-one date with Ryan. He was so excited to finally get his date with her. He was having a blast and really feeling good about everything when Ashley pulled the rug out from under him and sent him home. The usually positive Ryan was crushed and speechless. He didn’t know what hit him and didn’t know what to say or ask Ashley. He never saw that coming from her. Ashley explained herself excellently by letting him know at this point if she doesn’t feel it, why lead him on any further and then drag his family into it? Despite the honest intentions it still hurt her and Ryan. After that date I could tell Ashley was done playing games. She didn’t want any part of a cocktail party. She knew the four men she wanted to go home with and didn’t want to prolong the situation any longer than it needed to be. Although I always play devil’s advocate just to make sure they are positive that’s what they want, I understood and really respected her decision to forego the cocktail party."

Chris Harrison on his interview with Emily Maynard: "Before I let you go I obviously want to talk a little bit about my interview with Emily. I honestly don’t have much to add to what she said as I really feel good about the interview. I believe I asked the pertinent questions yet stayed respectful of her and Brad and I feel she answered them fully while doing the same. Emily got out of the car emotional, so I knew it was going to be a tough interview for us both. I care for her and Brad very much, consider them friends and I wish them the best. I talked to Brad before and after the interview and all he cared about was Emily. Before the interview he asked me as a friend to be there for her and not be to hard on her, which I don’t feel I was. After the interview all he wanted to know was how she was doing. These two care about each other very much and respect each other even more. A lot has and will be written about them but the truth is they are two good people that loved each other very much but as Emily said that just wasn’t enough to make it work. I have a lot of respect for Brad for deciding not to show up, yet giving Emily his blessing to do the interview and speak freely. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with Emily. I always have been blown away by the strength of this woman and she continues to impress. However sad the news I’m glad that the millions of fans that have followed their saga have gotten the answers they deserve."


Anonymous said...

this bachlorette is the worst one EVER!!! it's like watching paint dry! Ashley is just plain boring!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that this bachlorette is the worst I've watched thus far. I still watch it for a lot of reasons, the places visited being one. It has always been my thought that Ashley agreed to be the bachlorette because of the money. School needs to be paid for period. She seems to be a person that loves being miserable, not really looking for a serious relationship. If she chooses anyone, I will not be interested because I'm sure this one has absolutely no chance of a lasting relationship.