Ashley Spivey's Top Picks for Ashley H

During The Bachelor, Brad Womack dumped Ashley Spivey for Ashley Hebert in Las Vegas, now in Ashley S's new blog, Say No to Cosmo, she gives her top picks to her Bachelorette friend.

Ashley Spivey's Top Picks Include:

1. Ames, the 30 year old Banker from New York. Ashley's advice: "I’m guessing that he’s pretty smart.  Ashley’s very intelligent as well, so I know her and Ames will have plenty to talk about"

2. Ben Flajnik, the 28 year old wine maker from California. Ashley's advice: "Ashley will like that Ben gives off a little of the bad boy vibe."

3. Blake Julian, the 27 year old dentist from Colorado. Ashley's Advice: "Blake is a dentist...Of course they are gonna get along."

4. Constantine “Dino” Tzortzis, the 30 year restaurant owner in Atlanta. Ashley's Advice: They are  both dog lovers. "He owns a poodle and Ashley just bought a yorkie when she was eliminated from the Bachelor so maybe their little dogs can play together."

You can check out the rest of Ashley's top picks on her blog!

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