Emily Maynard rumored to end engagement

We kind-of saw this one coming after Brad Womack and Emily Maynard's awkward 'After the Rose' reunion.

While The Bachelor confessed his love for Emily, she responded by talking about his temper and that she didn't want to get married right away. The couple admitted to breaking-up and getting back together shortly after the show ended. According to Life & Style Magazine, Emily Maynard and Brad Womack may have now split. An insider close to the couple tells the magazine that "Emily was very close to moving with her daughter, Ricki, to Austin, Texas, just weeks ago, but that's not true anymore," the insider says. In fact, a friend tells Life & Style that Brad put an offer on a new home -- without even consulting Emily or asking her to come to see it first. "She obviously feels that it isn't the behavior of someone who plans to be with her."

The magazine reports that Emily Maynard is no longer wearing her $50,000 engagement ring. So why isn't Emily and Brad admitting to the break-up? According to the magazine, "her contract with ABC prevents her from speaking out about the relationship without the network's permission."


Trish said...

I feel so bad that they are getting atacked by roomers more then other cupols did. I feel like its just as bad as Jason and Mally when Jason swiched girls.

I don't get why Brad would chose a house for Emily without her looking at it first. Or even disiting when she was going to move to TX. When he loved her so much.

When they want us to know the truth they will tell us.

Anonymous said...

Emily is too young and needs to focus on her daughter and her life in NC. She is right to step out of the media circus and get back to her real world.
Seems like theree was little love for either Brad or Emily and after a while the fame was not an good. Watching videos just confirms that their body language was so off - and more.

Anonymous said...

Emily has been withdrawn from the whole situation. She has not dealt with her loss, and will not be with anyone until she does. She keeps saying she won't go through heart break again, someone needs to listen and she needs to get help to deal with this. It takes two and if they are not willing to work at it together it will not work.