The Bachelor: Ashley Spivey's New Boyfriend!

Remember Ashley Spivey? The spunky woman who Brad Womack sent home after his two-on-one date with Ashley Hebert. What has Ashley S. been up to since The Bachelor kicked her to the curb? She's bounced back since her tearful limo ride home, and is in love with a new man! Here's what she says about her new man, Scott, on her latest blog post...

"I put up an article I found on Urban Daddy about a fun
bar crawl on Facebook and Cute Scott replied under it!  I told him that he was invited and we should do it sometime soon but it never happened.  We exchanged phone numbers, constantly texted each other, sent each other messages, tried to meet up at bars, planned dates, cancelled dates, and FINALLY I gave up. Until…. We finally got our acts together and went on a date! Now I know that going on The Bachelor kind of sets us girls up with some pretty high expectations for dates, but this one could not have been more perfect.  We talked for over five hours, hardly touched our drinks, and I kicked his a$$ in four games of beer pong.  It was perfect." You can read Ashley Spivey's weekly blog here!  

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