Bachelor Recap: Goodbye to Ashley Spivey!

'The Bachelor' takes Vegas by storm...sort of 
 On Week 5 of The Bachelor takes Las Vegas by storm. It's a two on one date with Ashley H and Ashley S and why did Brad Womack give a rose to Michelle Money? Check out your Bachelor recap here!

According to Bachelor blogger, Reality Steve, we will learn more explosive news about Michelle in the next coming weeks. Reality Steve writes:

“I can’t be any more clear when I say this. Michelle’s story is just the beginning. More is coming in the following weeks, and it’s not pretty. For ANYONE involved this season. Everyone is fair game. Hey, you go on a reality show, you better realize that every person you once knew is gonna come out of the woodwork and stuff about your past is going to get out. Stuff coming out will have you questioning the sincerity of everyone involved.....The drama this season will be off camera, in the tabloids, with things coming out about the people on this show. It’s not happening on screen. And it’s gonna hit like a freight train running over a tricycle. Not exaggerating. There is some explosive stuff on the horizon. Stuff I could’ve told you about three months ago, but that’s not my job. I’m not a tabloid, and I’m not about to be breaking stories about people’s pasts. Once it’s out, I’ll comment. It’s worse than you probably think it is.”


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