The Bachelor: Michelle is Jealous....AGAIN


The Bachelor Week Six: Costa Rica
  • Chantal O'Brien gets a rainy one-on-one date with Brad for a camping style date (reminds you a bit of Molly and Jason's date, doesn't it?). Brad and Chantal go zip lining and later enjoy a romantic date as Chantal wears Brad's t-shirt. Brad gives her a rose. 
  • It's an adventurous group date and Michelle Money is jealous, of course. Michelle spends a lot of time complaining about Chantal and later confronts Brad. Jackie is terrified of heights as the women jump off a waterfall and later hop into their bikini. Brad doesn't give anyone the rose.
  • Alli Travis finally gets her one-on-one date where the date card reads "Meet me at the Alter." The two have dinner in a dark cave but it doesn't turn very romantic. Alli is afraid of the dark and bugs. Brad doesn't give Alli a rose and she is sent home. 
"The Bachelor" 2011 spoilers - group date and rose ceremony

At the rose ceremony, Jackie Gordon is eliminated. When will jealous Michelle be sent home? Only time will tell...

The six remaining women are:
Ashley Hebert, Dentist, Philadelphia, PA
Britt Billmaier, Food writer, Woodinville, WA
Chantal O'Brien, Executive assistant, Seattle, WA
Emily Maynard, Children's hospital planner, Charlotte, NC
Michelle Money, Hairstylist, Salt Lake City, UT
Shawntel Newton, Funeral director, Chico, CA

Bachelor Spoilers Episode 7 for Feb 14th.  
The women visit Anguilla. Emily gets a one-on-one date. She admits she does not want Brad to meet her family. Britt also gets a one-on-one date. The group date goes to Chantal, Michelle, Ashley, H., and Shawntel. They have a photoshoot on the beach. Two women go home, angry and brokenhearted.

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