Melissa Schreiber talks about her Bachelor Cat Fight

'The Bachelor''s Battling Melissa on Her Fight with Raichel
Melissa Schreiber and Brad Womack
On last week's Bachelor, Melissa Schreiber and Raichel Goodyear got sent home after a feud between the two. Melissa speaks out to Entertainment Tonight what happened that night. "Rachel had something against me from the moment I got in the house," Melissa says. "There was not a day that went by that she was not verbally attacking me. She would come up later and apologize for it and tell me she was sorry and stressed out. Then, she would do it all over again. There was always drama with the two of us on-and-off camera." Read the full article at!

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Anonymous said...

Melissa Schreiber I understand what's it like to be caught in the middle and others blaming you for what you didn't do. I don't know you but I do not like when other women assume you are someone that you probably aren't. Honestly, I think some of those girls haven't grown up to be women yet. Sometime current women who like to cause drama like Marissa May. She needs to get a grip and a chill out.