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Natalie Getz first appeared on Jason Mesnick's season of The Bachelor. Natalie and David Good went on to win the first season of ABC's Bachelor Pad!

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Natalie's Bachelor Blog: Episode Three 
By: Natalie Getz 

Soooooo many "walls" opening this week as we enter The Bachelor Episode 3, and we get to know these girls a little more. There is so much drama and crying going on that it's bringing me back to my 7th grade lock in. Last night, we took a sip of wine every time we heard someone talk about opening their "walls," and needless to say, I had to take a cab home. Chris Harrison enters the mansion so early, that Ashley H. appears to still be wearing her dress and hairdo from the the night before. (You have no idea how EARLY Chris comes to wake us up! On the Bachelor Pad, we always had a challenge following the night of a rose ceremony at like 7am!). 

A couple times, my sister pointed out that my hair looked cute during challenges, and I told her that's because it's still in rose ceremony form from the night before. A lot of the girls would get up early and get ready, But NOT me.  

Speaking of Chris Harrison, he is quite the character in real life. He is hilarious and an absolute blast- nothing like the ultra serious Chris you see on TV. I can't even watch Chris with a straight face anymore! 

Needless to say, these girls look incredible, even in the morning. Everyone was screaming and acting ridiculous because OMG THE DATE CARD HAD ARRIVED! Between Date Cards and Walls opening up everywhere, I'm struggling watching this episode. Ashley S. gets the one-on-one date with Brad, wahoo!

Ashley S. and Brad's Date:
Cute and casual, Ashley is picked up by Brad and driven to Capitol Records. I actually got to go to Capitol Records recently and watch my friend record a song for his album. It was one of the coolest experiences! It made this date even more fun for me to watch.

Brad and Ashley are beyond adorable as they sing off tune, giggle and flirt. I love when people have fun with karaoke and don't take it serious. They have a fun chemistry! As Seal enters the room and begins singing for the twosome, I finally understand what Heidi Klum is thinking. He is pretty charming and extremely talented. I was definitely near tears as Ashley tells Brad her story. She looked like a sweet, innocent Daddy's girl telling her story and I could see how much she misses her father. :(  After a wonderful evening under the LA smog, these two share a sweet little dance and a romantic smootch. I'm definitely digging these two. They had more of a conversational connection then anyone else.

When I watch these dates, it totally brings back memories of my dates with David Good on Bachelor Pad. Since Dave and I were practically besties before filming the show, we sure had a good time. We actually had a contest to see who could say the most cheesy one liners. I won!

Me: "Our relationship has really sored to new heights today." (I said this in reference to our jet date); and also, "David has really big muscles, and he utilized his biggest one to pitch a big tent tonight (during our overnight date)." I say it with such a ditsy, blonde attitude so it looks like I don't get it. Ha! I'll do anything to make my friends and family laugh. Ah I miss filming that shit-show!

SIDE NOTE: I was told many of you were wondering about me and Dave's relationship status. We were never exclusively dating but we were such good friends with awesome chemistry.

We definitely crossed the friendship line. We tried it out for a hot second but quickly realized we didn't want to ruin our friendship. He lives in Florida and I live in LA. That is too much of a distance to make it work! We still talk a few times a week, and are back to being little mischievous besties:) Besides, David is currently married to himself!

Group Date: 
At this point, Michelle has completely lost it. I hope they hide all sharp objects in the mansion or at least have security carefully watch these girls sleep at night. At the beginning of every season, the cast is given an amazing gift bag full of clothes, product, jewelry, etc. I am guessing that's why their clothes all match on their group date. Remember to always look put together, even at the gym! You never know when you will meet Mr. Right! (In my case it doesn't matter, because I work out in Hollywood where boys like boys). As the girls are driven off in the creepiest looking van, I can't help but wonder if Michelle hired a driver and orchestrated this event. Nope. They arrive safely on a movie set where Brad does some of the cheesiest ninja moves and half the girls act entirely too frightened as if they think Brad is really being attacked. Uh, did you forget you were filming a little TV show called "The Bachelor?"

Brad is impressed by Shawntel's acting skills and confidence therefore giving her the rose tonight. They shared a hot kiss but it was not nearly as hot as Brads shirtless torso. (I'm so distracted at this point imagining myself being saved by a sexy Ninja). At the wrap party, Michelle creeps on Alli and Brad's conversation and it's maybe one of the more funny interruptions I've seen (complete with scary music). I'm irritated by Michelle because she is an actress in real life with a role in a small movie coming out soon. I love watching Michelle because she is dramatic and nuts but annoying as well. Chantal is having a very hard time dealing with her feelings for Brad. She is going through what most girls go through on the show. You think it's all fun and games until you develop feelings for a man who is developing feelings for several other girls. I really like Chantal and Brad together.

(Remember there are about 5 to 6 days of filming per episode and the editors have A LOT of footage to use).

Although we haven't seen these two together much, clearly they have developed an incredible connection. I can relate to Chantal, because I often appear tough on the outside but once I like someone enough, I open up and am a total softy. I have to point out how funny I think Alli is as I hear her talk about everything from pit stains to coining Michelle is an "evil bitch." She is a cute girl but I don't see her and Brad working out. When Brad walked away from their conversation to talk to a very rude interrupting Michelle, I realized this. On my season, Jason Mesnick turned down a couple girls who tried to interrupt us during our one-on-one time only to turn around and dump me in Sin City.

PS- If Jason hadn't dumped me in Vegas, I may have never been on the Bachelor Pad and 125k richer. So thank you, Mr. Mesnick:) Jason and Molly are some of my greatest friends now and I love them both dearly. Well, Molly a little more. 

Oh for the love of Marc Jacobs- I'm so bored talking about this group date, let's move on... Back at the mansion, I see my future wine-o friend Jackie enter the room with a full glass of red. LOVE HER! Emily looks great in a very basic look with a tossed side braid as she tells the story of her past. I am really, really enjoying Madison. What a sweet, mature, lovable person she is. :)

Madison has really come to show us that you can't judge a girl by her fangs. 

It's very hard to be yourself on camera so I am impressed by some of these girls who are so comfortable telling their personal stories! During my run on The Bachelor, I was so camera shy and a nervous wreck. I couldn't be myself and open up. After filming several other reality type shows, I was very comfortable on Bachelor Pad... maybe a little too comfortable in Vegas where I took my bikini top off. But it was a nude pool for crying out loud! It takes a lot of time to learn how to ignore the cameras knowing that millions are watching. Anyhow, we learn that Emily gets the one-on-one date with Brad.

Brad and Emily's Date:
After Brad picks up Emily in "his" car (come one, we know that's not his own car), he whisks Emily off on a private jet to a winery and vacant barn. Totally normal for a first date? Brad states he has been wanting to take Emily out for some time now. Huh? He has only just met her 2 weeks ago! (In Brad's defense, 2 weeks seems like 2 months during filming. What you may not know, is that during filming, production takes away our cell phones, ipods, etc. and we are not allowed to listen to music, get on the Internet, watch TV or read magazines under any circumstances. We are literally trapped and taken away from any sort of normal life. Until you live it, you have no idea how hard it it. It can make you a lot more emotional then normal when you can't talk to your family and friends or do normal daily routines, like go to the gym. I remember during filming Bachelor Pad, someone asked, "Where is Wes?" and I cracked the joke, "Oh he just got back from the gym, made a few phone calls, and is finishing up work on the Internet." I cried so many times simply because I miss talking to my family). This date with Emily could have gone terribly wrong with all the awkward silences.

Thank God Emily opened up because we have another week to stare at this beautiful girl in all of her fashion glory. After the "walls" have opened, Emily gets the rose. Did you all catch the outtakes at the end of the show? Ha! It was so cute when Emily dropped her marshmallow, swore, and continued to correct herself with 3 alternatives to a swear word she should have used. I am really looking forward to watching Brad and Emily's relationship grow. As Meghan put it, "Emily is like an itsy bitsy barbie doll with the sole of Mother Teresa." Nailed it! This date was so perfect!

I wish I had that date with Jason Mesnick verses going to Vegas. I pretended to love Vegas so that Jason didn't feel bad for taking me but I HATE Vegas.

It's dirty, full of sleaze bags, and if it weren't for the Broadway plays, it would be completely boring. There is quite a bit of behind-the-scenes detail none of you know but I'm sure assume because it's a TV show, afterall. Brad spent the afternoon talking to his therapist and the remainder of the night is one big therapy session with all of the girls. I almost can't take it, although I am proud of Brad for swallowing his pride. It takes a strong person to recognize their emotions/issues, understand them, and seek help to deal with them. From here on out, when we see Brad alone talking about his feelings, I think he should be in a hot tub shirtless. It would be hysterical. After Brad brushes past Michelle to go to Chantal, it doesn't take long for Michelle to come and once again rudely interrupt them just before they almost shared another passionate kiss. Dammit it Michelle! You are ruining everything! As Audrey Hepburn once said, "There's never any need for any woman to ogle any man. Ogling only puts the men off. It scares them away. In fact, the faintest flutter of an eyelash should be enough."

Meanwhile we see Madison upset because she doesn't feel right about being there. She pulls Brad aside and the fangs come out, literally. Brad then says one of the best lines in Bachelor history, "You don't have to take your fangs out, I like them." AMAZING. Best "wall opening" moment so far in the show.

Onto the fashion: This is a direct insert from my fashion blog on ABC: (For more of my thoughts regarding fashion throughout the show, please visit the ABC Website and see my other blog for this episode).

The Good: 
BFF's Jackie and Marissa look stunning sitting next to each other during cocktail hour. Once again, fashion forward Jackie made me clap, sporting an above the knee, cherry red one strap cocktail dress with a sleek, half up hair do. Her bestie Marissa sported a traditional little black dress with bright red pumps that completely popped. GetzStyle Tip: When wearing an LBD, always wear bright, loud colored shoes! 

Madison: WOW! She wore a speechless, completely different, black dress. Check out the design of the dress and how the entire back is showing in a tasteful way. The sleeves come up the shoulders wrapping around her neck and flowing flawlessly down her back. Her bright red lipstick was the perfect touch! She left with honor and style:) I will sincerely miss Madison.

Alli: Choosing a gorgeous shade of blue complete with a HUGE bow, this dress completely suits her cute personality. She tells Brad her gift to him tonight is unwrapping her feelings. Sigh! Adorable:) While this is not something I would wear, I would dress Alli in this. As a stylist, it's important to dress a client appropriate to their personality. I still want to see Alli in something more edgy. Maybe next week?!

Kimberly: I know Betsy Johnson when I see it and I LOVE Kimberly's cocktail dress! The beautiful cut of the sweetheart neckline worked well with spaghetti straps to hoist up her cleavage to a respectable amount. Gathering tight at the waistline, the dress then blossomed out created by tooling under the skirt and hitting just above the knee. She is a gorgeous and sassy girl! She won't have problems finding a guy.

Ashley S: Ashley showed a ultra conservative, sexy side to herself. She showed us a woman can give off sex appeal without showing bare arms and cleavage. This boat neck, long sleeve dress was simply extravagant and sparkly drawing attention to her perfectly toned legs.

And last but certainly not least, EMILY wins the GetzStyle award! As if I wasn't already blown away by her date attire with Brad, she looked absolutely exquisite with a sleek ponytail showing off her gorgeous face and amazing dress. This black, one strap dress had gorgeous detailing as the material gathered at the buttons from the shoulder climbing down to the knee.

The Bad: The fashion is really coming along as the weeks go by! I have been thoroughly impressed and commend these lovely ladies on their eye for style! However, there are always a couple that fall through this cracks. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE CHANTAL, however, not a fan of her dress. Aside from the dress not fitting her shape, the style is boring and the print is terrible.

Lisa M: Aw Lisa. Words can't really describe this fashion crime of a dress you are wearing. Have the Limo drop you off at Kitson on your way home. I will meet you there (fine I live there), and give you a hug, talk about feelings, and most importantly offer you free fashion advice.

Britt: There is really nothing too terrible about your 2002 prom dress, except for the fact that it's 2011. I like the color and the style. Just not for a modern day cocktail party.

Remember everyone, today is not a "dress" rehearsal. Live everyday to the fullest and please make sure you live it with STYLE. "Good things aren't supposed to just fall in your lap. God is very generous, but he expects you to do your part first." -Audrey Hepburn.

Natalie Getz

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Anonymous said...

OMG Love her and her blog!

Chasing Davies said...

Aww, why didn't you like Lisa's dress?

Anonymous said...

I just signed up for Twitter a week ago and have thoroughly enjoyed this following people business (although it sounds a bit creepy - like I'm spying on people). This blog has fun and insightful - thanks for sharing!

Possessionista said...

Hey Natalie, Kimberly's dress is from Forever21 I have all the rose ceremony dresses (and where to get them) on my Blog. http://bit.ly/etJ6g5

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! You should definitely be a fashion stylist on the show or open your own boutique selling clothing styles seen on "The Bachelor"!

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie! You are absolutely adorable!! Your blog is a great asset to the show and Chris should make sure you are featured on "The Bachelor" ABC site. You sum it up and get every detail right...I would say you rock but I am sure you already know it. You should take a chance on true love again and be "The Bachelorette"! Of course you will have to wait your turn, as I am sure the show is already lining up Emily for that!!! I will stay tuned to your blog and hope you'll be the next "Bachelor" addition to GMA as "Today's Causual Stylist".

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and it is fun to get your perspective on the episodes and the style tips. However, your blog would be much more enjoyable without all the misspelled words and improper grammar usage. If you want credibility as a writer, perhaps have someone proofread it for you so you put out a professional product. Good luck!