Emily Maynard Finally Opens up to Brad Womack

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard in the Season 15 Premiere
Emily Maynard, the sweet windowed mother, finally opens up to The Bachelor on their one-on-one date. On a romantic date, Brad sweeps Emily off her feet by flying her to the vineyard (Nice work ABC. Don't you know that her husband died in a plane crash?).  At the vineyard, Brad is frustrated with Emily for not opening up to him. He wonders if Emily is really right for him. But later, Emily surprises Brad by opening up and telling him about her husband Ricky and her five year old daughter.

Later, the tension breaks and Brad gives Emily the rose. Brad says "I can see Emily as the woman I want to spend my life with." Good date.


Anonymous said...

Emily has a beautiful mature spirit. My husband had a girlfriend who died in an accident their senior year. I met her family and knew she had been a remarkable young woman. A remarried young widow told me after we had married that "her first husband Helped Make Her Who her Now Husband Loved" That view has helped me for almost 20 years now. I saw my husband the end of his Junior year and didn't even remember him. When I heard him talking and saw him later on I said "That is the Man I'm going to marry" and I think I saw in him a beautiful spirit encompassing that relationship and love and loss. I hope you will find someone who loves the who you are because your beloved helped you bloom that way. Blessings to you and your Precious daughter.

Anonymous said...

if you do not pick emily it will break her heart in alot of ways. im not even 15 yet i can say that you wanted to meet herr daughter badly. why would you want to meet her daughter then break her heart. thats just wrong.alot of people will i think thats horrible to do why would you do it. shes falling for u and i know your falling for her and hope you propose to emily at the end of the show. if so i will always think in my head whats best if brad does i will. i think he knows what hes talking about he better not walk away without someone but if you do i really hope you bring emily. at least let her meet your family you know your falling in love with alot of the women. chantel o isnt ready for another marriage she just got divorced shes not ready i say.ashley is like a sister for you you can talk about your life its like a specialist or something not a wife emily is ready shes responsible caring and beatiful, smart alot more. chantel might say i love you just beacause she wants you to pick her emily is shy you know she wont say it yet. i dont blaam her but you can tell shes falling in love with you. whenyou went to hometownd dates dont you want to tuck your step daughter in and you know its a family