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Natalie Getz first appeared on Jason Mesnick's season of The Bachelor. Natalie and David Good went on to win the first season of ABC's Bachelor Pad!

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Hey Everyone! 

Sorry for the late post. Next week, my posts will be on time and very different then my ABC Fashion blog! This week, I moved to a different apartment, and I've been entirely too busy to even breathe!

Within the first 5 minutes of this episode, we hear Michelle freak out about her black eye. She thinks it's due to stress, which I can totally understand. I mean, it is SO STRESSFUL being waited on hand and foot all day while living in a mansion full of alcohol, fun girls, and vying for some hot dudes attention. Laying out by the poolside everyday is also very stressful. Michelle appears frustrated and says, "Who just wakes up with a black eye?" Um, you did. And it doesn't surprise me, because you down right admit that you LOVE attention. Wait, this isn't about fashion! Crap!

Moving on.....

One on One Date: 
As usual, Chris Harrison looks great in his plaid button down shirt and a cardigan. GetzStyle Tip: To perfect this "look," wear a white v-neck under the button down and also unbutton the shirt two more buttons. Be sure to pick out the right cardigan because this can be a tricky look! Buy a cardigan at an urban store like Chris did, and not at Eddie Bauer! Pair up this top portion with fitted jeans and some Vans.
Chris Harrison. Photo: ABC

Anyway, Chris leaves a date card and we now find out that Chantal gets the one on one date with Brad. As we see Chantal pack, I forgot how nerve racking it was to pack, not only for every date, but for every rose ceremony in case you are sent home! She kept her daytime date attire simple with a baby blue crew neck T-shirt, dark denim jeans, and wedged woven heals. This is one of the many things I love about chilled out Chantal. She is very confident in who she is, and doesn't feel the need to go overboard with jewelry and makeup. She keeps it basic and keeps her attention on Brad. I have one, and only one complaint about Brad's style today:  He is a tall guy with long legs. He needs to wear jeans with a low rise to elongate his torso and not allow him to look like a nerd with hiked up pants. In Chantal and Brad's interviews I notice they are both wearing jackets, so obviously it's pretty chilly out. I can't believe they have to get in the freezing cold water! I feel Chantal's anxiety about the ocean, I mean, it's nature, so you never know what's going to bite you. If anything bites her, hopefully it's just Brad!

After an awkward lack of conversation under the sea, they rise to the surface for dinner. Now they have a great conversation, and Chantal is totally herself which Brad loves. She calls him out on being a geek, and he loves her independence and confidence. Brad is talking about romantic rain (gee, you're lucky you are hot), then he cuts to his rehearsed "rose" speech and Chantal accepts. He tells her to shut up and kiss him. Ahhhhh! So cute! Straight out of a vintage movie:).

I'm team Bradtal. ChanBrad. I will work on a better nickname for next week!

I have to point out Chantal's curly hair, as opposed to her straight hair she sported the entire date during this interview. Is this an indication she spent the night with Brad? Looks like next morning hair to me!

Group Date:
Pointing out that they will be having a session with Dr. Drew, Brad says, "Let's be honest, in therapy I really learned to open up." We believe you, Brad! Trust me, we hear you mention this 25 times an episode and every time you do, I hear an overpaid psychologist dialect. You don't even have any more walls, you only have curtains at this point! Ahhhhh metaphors. I nailed that one. Brad, you are very nice and we all appreciate that, but unfortunately women often need a little bit of an A-hole to keep us in check, so keep maybe like.....half a wall?

GetzStyle Tip: Check out Brad's purple country western woven complete with a black, zip up hoodie. This look is perfect for the casual guy's guy. (Side note: you might also notice that he is also glowing after his night with Chantal)! As we scan the women, I notice a few darling outfits! I also noticed that the two Ashley's were drinking beer before the therapy session and literally laughed out loud. It's probably only 11:00am at this point in the date! Oh hell, it's five o'clock somewhere, Wahoo! Let's get this date started!

Stacey must have thought they were going on a picnic because she wore the tablecloth as her shirt.

Aside from my dislike of the pattern, there is absolutely no shape to this top. If you had one chance to be on TV, what would you wear? Please start thinking about it just in the case The Bachelor is in your future because CLEARLY some of these women did not. I do love Stace though. :) Lindsay's outfit is cute, but should be perfected. She is wearing a denim shirt, red scarf, black tights and cream boots. GtezStyle Tip: Rock a more slim fitting denim top but keep it long like she did. Choose a scarf that is longer in length if you are going to tie it. Pattern tights are huge right now so I would have put her in an opaque pair of colorful patterned tights with tall, dark brown rider boots. She Getz an "A" for effort! In this same frame, we see my future gal pal Jackie in a vintage frock complete with gold trim. So glam, yet so casual! Ashley S. is wearing a feminine plaid button down that is sure to catch the eye of Brad. It subconsciously screams innocence and take me home to Mama! I love Alli's white scarf with spring colors, loosely tied around her neck to compliment her blue, long sleeve fitted top. I also must point out Britt's cowl-neck trendy denim jacket. She looks very NYC! This whole episode, I have noticed many of these ladies rocking scarves. Alli wore a different scarf earlier today that was white with a brown pattern, and Emily wore a yellow scarf earlier as well which was yellow to enhance her tan.

GetzStyle Tip: Scarves are the most important accessory a girl could own. 

Scarves can take the most basic outfit to the next level. Make sure when choosing a scarf it is long in length, a good color choice for your skin tone and be sure to style it correctly according to what type of outfit you're wearing. You can wear it sloppy, like Michelle does here for a more casual "just threw this on" type look. She looks effortlessly gorgeous in her multi-colored scarf innertwined with her hair. This date is looking great....style wise that is. This Dr. Drew date is rather exhausting for me. How can you expect these girls to open up in front of a room full of people? They signed up to fall in love, not group therapy. Life stories aren't meant to be told all at once. It takes time and trust to share vulnerabilities with anyone, not a group date with an MTV Doctor. (Side Note: Who is this cute little co-host I spy? Total distraction!). Seriously, he is super fine in his double breasted black cargo button down, red pencil tie, perfectly scrunched sleeves, olive colored skin, one sleeve of tasteful tattoos, and a brain that clearly desires me. I'll take him to go please! Oh Gem... He truly IS outrageous.

As the date goes on, I notice belly button rings and am cringing. Belly button rings are like fake eyelashes to me, super tacky and a "must go." It's 2011, time to take out any piercings unless it's in your ear lobe. As Ashley S. is denied a hug by an upset and irritated Alli, I notice Ashley's white, yellow lined bikini paired up with a casual boyfriend cardigan. GetzStyle Tip: With summer right around the corner, remember to choose swimwear that can also look like an outfit. Buy a scarf and a few other accessories to match your bikini to turn it from swimming to poolside dinner. To sum up the after party: all the girls are on edge, Ashley H. is freaking out and Britt gets the rose.

One on One Date: 
Piling on the concealer to hide her black eye, Michelle is upset because, once again, it's not ALL entirely about her. She can't stand that Ashely H. is upset and gets really pissed when Brad takes Ashley away for a second on HER DAY! Brad is styled perfectly casual with a gray crew neck and thermal hoodie underneath a black leather jacket. I'm a huge fan of zip up hoodies incorporated into outfits. GetzStyle Tip: Try pairing a zip up hoodie with a blazer, complete with a basic T-shirt and jeans. This works for male and female alike! Men wear chucks. Women wear a sexy heel when rocking this style.

So I have three overwhelming fears:
1. One is large birds (I know, weird).
2. Polo shirts.
3. Heights.

I literally had to fast forward through their climb down the building because my body started shaking and my veins felt like they were burning from the anxiety of watching this ridiculousness. I briefly pressed "play" only to hear Michelle call Brad "babe." I hate the word "babe." It reminds me of a what a high school cheerleader would call her quarter back boyfriend. There is not a lot to this date other then the obvious attraction Brad has to the beautiful Michelle. We see Michelle in a series of interviews and she is acting so bizarre. You know when you're watching reality TV, or a stand-up comedian perform live and you get so embarrassed for someone that it makes your skin crawl? This is me with Michelle most of the time she speaks. Yes, she is gorgeous but I believe Brad may have been thinking with the wrong head when he gave her the rose.

Rose Ceremony:
Brad's therapist is visiting him again. Perfect timing (I had to step away from the TV to make a quick phone call anyway). I am so proud of Brad for seeking and receiving help. He was already a cool dude, and now is pretty much every woman's dream due to dealing with his issues. With this being said, there is a reason therapy sessions are supposed to be confidential. Hello Yawn Fest 2011!! Because The Bachelor is being filmied non stop, they have so much footage that we never get to see. I wish they showed more of the funny footage rather then Brad's therapy sessions.

I remember on Bachelor Pad, Jesse Beck was my bunk mate and he was taking a nap above me. I laid on the bottom bunk with a T-shit that said "The Bachelor" on it (to make myself look even more desperate due to the fact that I went on TV looking for love!) and I was holding a rose chanting, "he loves me, he loves me not" That never made the air!

Stuff like that would be more entertaining than most. However, it is a TV show about love and in order to follow a story line, they have to cut out some of the funny stuff and save room for the seriousness. There was also a scene with Peyton and I but it's far too inappropriate to discuss! Haha! Awwwww I miss my Peyton. :) Brad's goal this cocktail party is to pull every girl aside that didn't get either a one on one or group date with him this week. He speaks with Chantal and re-assures her that he has incredibly strong feelings for her. He tells her she isn't needy, she is independent, and she keeps him on his toes. Brad needs a girl like Chantal in his life. Team Brantal (still working on it) for life!

Brad pulls Emily aside for a private picnic in front of the mansion. Oooooh BURN! I am not really sure how I am feeling about Emily after this episode. I loved her the past 3 episodes but she didn't seem very excited about Brad's efforts. She is a blonde, southern bombshell that's for sure but, are we being fooled into thinking she is the sweetest girl ever? For instance, her and I could say the same rude statement. She would come off looking sweet, and I would look like the jerk. You know why? Because southern accents sound more sweet then my thick Chicago accent. UGH! Anyway, I don't doubt she is a kind hearted girl, but I am not sure if she is 100% into Brad. Only next week will tell!

Behind-the-Scenes Side Note: I wonder how Emily and Michelle are doing without their children? I couldn't even imagine. They are not allowed to see there children AT ALL during filming and they are only allowed minimal phone conversation which has to be on camera. I know that I couldn't do it, no way. Filming can last up to 3 months!

Rose Ceremony Exits: 
I can see during Meghan's conversation with Brad during the cocktail party and that he really loves her as a friend and a person. When he lets her go tonight, I saw this as he hugged her and the expression he had on his face spoke for itself. I am almost positive that these two will be great friends after this is all said and done. Speaking of sweet little Megs, did anyone notice how awkward her walk was out of the mansion? After she did not receive a rose, she was literally representing the Lollipop Guild exiting like an Oompa Loompa.

And then Stacey.....Stacey, Stacey, Stacey, it's alright, girl. Come over to my place next week and make me a martini. We will have fun! See? It's not all bad getting dumped. The fair and beautiful Lindsay exits with grace in her elegant cocktail attire. She is a sweet girl, but boy, someone call the waaaa-mbulance! Dry up those tears, Lindsay! You will have your pick of men anywhere you go. :)

The Good:
Shawntel: I love her bold teel dress with criss-crossed straps to enhance her shoulders and toned arms. Chantal: She kept it simple and conservative in a black, v-necked dress. This fits her shape perfectly and is shorter in length to draw attention to her legs.
Emily: This off the shoulders look is very flattering to her collar bones. Bright blue was a great color choice for her blonde hair. This sexy number fit slim through the body and sat high on her thigh to elongate her legs.
Marissa: The neckline on her dress reaches from one collarbone to the other showing a conservative approach to a sexy dress. Very Jackie-O! I really love this Taupe colored dress and her matching shoes are the perfect finishing touch. Even though this dress is simple, please understand why it is fantastic. The fabric, cut and style of this simple dress make it great. If this were a shiny, cheap looking fabric, it never would have worked.
Brad: He is wearing the palest of pink button down, patterned tie and a very sexy vest. There is nothing better then a man taking off his suit coat only to unveil a vest or better yet, suspenders. Mmmmm hhmmmmmm. Snaps for Brad- click click.

The Bad:
Ashley H: Oh man! I'm so disappointed she wore this! It looks like she just stepped out of the office. The ruffled white sleeveless blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt completely shocked me. I really wasn't prepared for something so extremely off base for a rose ceremony.
Britt: She is absolutely stunning and she can't even pull this dress off. Gisele Bundchen couldn't even pull this off. The pattern reminds me of the fabric of my Grandparents couch when they were living in Arizona in the late 1980's. I think I actually had a few barbie doll dresses like that when I was younger.

The GetzStyle Award this week goes to Bachelor Brad. 

Brad never fails me with his charismatic, super cool style. For all you manly men out there, look to Brad as a guide to fashion. He is more dude than most, yet still dresses with a sharp eye. Well, I am falling head over "heels" for some of these ladies and also Dr. Drew's co-host. I will leave you with a few parting words. Be confident, and don't ever sell your "sole" (unless it's a pair of shoes) to get ahead in life. After all, the "shoe" must go on. :) Had to throw that cheese in there!

I will leave you with some quotes: "Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others." - Benjamin Franklin. "Fashion is made to become unfashionable. Fashion fades. Only style remains the same." - Coco Chanel. "Daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.” - Cecil Beaton.

Until next week my lovers of style,
XOXO Natalie Getz

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