The Bachelor Episode 3: So long Madison's Fangs


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What Chris Harrison thinks of Madison's departure.... "After a great week of dates and talking to his therapist, Brad was in a great mood for the cocktail party. All of a sudden he really seemed to have a handle on this situation and had a very clear plan on how he was going to handle this from here on out. At the party Ashley H’s struggles with “first date syndrome” were clearly getting worse. She’s feeling more and more insecure by the day. As for Madison her exit was really unexpected. I really think she convinced herself during the rose ceremony. I find her very intriguing. I look forward to talking to her at the Women Tell All special because like Brad I can’t quite figure her out. Did she come on this show for her 15 minutes of fame and then all of a sudden feel guilty about it after hearing Emily’s story? Did she come on the show with her defenses up (the fangs), putting on a show, not really letting everybody in — only to realize she made a big mistake and blew a good chance? All I know is there’s a lot more to this woman than meets the eye, and to Brad’s credit he saw it right away. My only hope is whatever her motivation, she learned a valuable life lesson from this experience and can grow from here."  Full bachelor recap here!

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