The Bachelor: Episode 5 Spoilers

The Bachelor


According to Bachelor Blogger, Reality, here's what happens next week on The Bachelor! (Sorry folks, Michelle is sticking around for another episode).

The Bachelor takes the remaining women to Las Vegas.

One-on-one Date 
Brad Womack takes Shawntel Newton on a one-on-one date to the Vegas fashion mall, and then take a helicopter tour around Vegas (isn't Brad sick of helicopters already?). 

Group Date
ABC producers want to create more drama so they take Emily Maynard, whose race car husband died in a plane crash, to the NASCAR races. Drama and tears are sure to happen on this date!

Two-on-one Date
It's a two-on-one date with both Ashleys! Brad takes Ashley Hebert and Ashley Spivey to be in the Cirque de Soleil show, Viva Elvis. One woman stays and one woman does - it's not looking good for Ashley Spivey. It seems Brad gives some confidence to dentist, Ashley Hebert.

The Rose Ceremony:

Brad says goodbye to Marissa May and  Lisa Morrisey (not a big shocker as Lisa and Brad never actually spoke).


LuLu said...
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Chasing Davies said...

Natalie - weren't you on this show? you surely know editing. Lisa doesn't have a whole lot of drama going on and isn't being crazy, so of course the focus isn't on her. Of course her and Brad talk - or why would she even still be here at in the top 11?

Anonymous said...

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