Chris Lambton Spending Holidays with his Girlfriend!

A second-place finish on 'The Bachelorette'' (with Ali Fedotowsky) gave Lambton the starring role in 'The Bachelor,'' but he declined.
Chris Lambton and Ali Fedotowsky on The Bachelorette
Chris Lambton does not regret during down The Bachelor. Chris, who was the second runner up in Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette, feels good about his decision to turn down ABC.

The Boston Landscaper is quite happy living his life with his new girlfriend, a blond woman from Texas who was once on television herself (and rumored to be the Bachelor's Peyton Wright), and spending time with his family. “I found a very nice girl all by myself,” Chris told a local radio station, She’s a nice Southern girl. We’ve been dating for a few months." Chris met his new girlfriend at a fund-raiser.

When asked why he turned down being the Bachelor, Chris said "He didn’t like how “The Bachelorette’’ had portrayed him, as an always-sweet, good-guy character known to fans as “Chris L.’’ He felt that ABC focused too much on the death of his mother, Marjorie, who in 2008 succumbed to multiple system atrophy, a neurological disorder similar to ALS. He says the show didn’t focus on his years of teaching in New York City schools or his sarcastic sense of humor. He was just that nice guy whose mom had died. He acknowledges that he shouldn’t be surprised — it’s reality television, after all — but he had had enough."Read the full interview with Chris Lambton here!

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