NEW Interview with Bachelor Pad winners Natalie Getz and Dave Goode


Check out the full Bachelor Pad interview here!

Question:    Natalie, my first question is for you.  Earlier in the competition you were voted most likely to be a bridesmaid yet you walked away with a relationship.  So what do you have to say to the other girls who came away single?  

Natalie Getz:    You know, honestly, at the time that hurt because I was sleep deprived and I have a lot of emotions in that game but I don't believe in that statement at all.  And I was not there to find love.  You know, initially, I was there for the money so I wasn't trying to show people my sensitive relationship side.  I was there for the game first and foremost. 

Question:    Dave, when they - we're hesitating before Natalie revealed what she decided to do.  What was going through your head?  Did you think she was going to share the money or keep it for herself?

David Good:    Well, I thought going in there that she's definitely going to share the money because she's a stand-up girl and that's the way we played the game together.  More interview here!

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