Melissa Rycroft Bachelor Pad Blog- Episode 4

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From Melissa's blog "After the challenge everyone seemed to be a bit rattled. Some of the girls were emotional wrecks. Elizabeth broke down about being called “shallow,” and Jesse K. came to her side to comfort her. Seeing her so hurt and distraught apparently made him realize his true feelings for her and I have to say, it was refreshing. It was a different side of him than we’ve seen of him in past episodes where he seemed to be using Elizabeth to further his own cause in the game. They had a sweet moment in the bathroom as he calmed her down and you could tell it meant a lot to her. Tenley and Jesse B. won the challenge and got to go on one-on-one dates. Tenley chose Kiptyn and I was excited to see these “feelings” she’s been saying she has for him unfold outside the house, away from the other contestants. They seem really cute together — and Kiptyn admitted to having feelings for Tenley, but that they have to lay low to avoid being labeled a “couple” in the house (ahem … David and Natalie!). We saw Tenley give Kiptyn the rose, of course, and then at the end of the date, they decided to stay together in the fantasy suite. Oh my! Love connection? Check!

It was a good move on Jesse B.’s part to choose Peyton since they had just spent the night in the fantasy suite together before! Their date started off well, but things took a turn when they sat down to what I thought was going to be a romantic dinner. I couldn’t believe that this side of Jessie emerged that should only be seen after a few years of marriage! Burping, nose picking (Hers! Not even his!) and name-calling. It’s a SECOND DATE, dude! It’s no wonder Peyton was not interested in spending the night. He redeemed himself by giving her the rose" Read Melissa's full blog posting here!

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