Brad Womack for Next Bachelor.... Again?

Remember Brad Womack? He was the Bachelor who broke up with both Jenni and DeAnna Pappas in the show's finale. According to sources, you might be seeing Brad Womack again, very soon. Even Wes Hayden is saying the rumors might be true...

Wes Hayden Tweets- @LiveBachelor Brad Womack has been runnin aroynd Austin sayin its him lol!?

Reality Steve Tweets- Definitely looking like Brad Womack is the next Bachelor. Again. Wow. Didn't see that one. Still trying for 100% confirmation. Stay tuned.

Is this just a rumor or is Brad Womack coming back into our lives as next Bachelor??


Anonymous said...

Are the producers for real, or are they just plain crazy? I thought for sure Chris would be the next Bachelor. Bachelorettes, don't believe this guy. He just wants the publicity.

DAW6565 said...

Why would they have the same bachelor on the show again??