The Weatherman Blogs- Week 2 Inside the Bachelor Pad

Jonathan "The Weatherman" Novack blogs each week at

From his blog, Jonathan says... "I think Bobby Fisher would throw a fit trying to figure out the strategy in the Bachelor Pad.  Man, it's getting crazy in this house! We all walked back into the mansion after that first rose ceremony.  It wasn't a sigh of relief...more like a monsoon (yes a weather metaphor...are you really surprised?) Wow can Elizabeth b.s.  If I ever need a lawyer, I'm bypassing Gloria Alred and going straight to her.  For all Kovacs knows, the girls could be talking about nail polish and tanning.  But he believes everything she tells him.  Hey Kovacs, I have a bridge in Houston I'd like to sell you. 
Natalie says she'll pay off her student loans.  I didn't realize they gave out loans for The University of Hooking Up.  Did they have to get hot and heavy on the couch by the pool...I would take naps on that thing. C'mon! Read more here.

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