The Bachelorette Finale

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It's the Bachelorette final and who does Ali Fedotowsky choose to be her husband? According to Bachelorette spoilers and predictions, here's what might happen.
  1. Ali chooses no one in the end because she really wanted Frank. Frank comes back and talks with her during the 'After the Final Rose.'
  2. Ali chooses Roberto Martinez and he proposes
  3. Ali chooses Chris Lambton and he proposes
  4. Neither guy proposes....
In the latest cover of People Magazine, Ali says that she broke the rules and took a huge risk in the end. “I was trying to be smart and fall in love with my heart — but use my head too,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story of her Bachelorette experience. “Sometim
es the right thing is the hardest thing to do, and it’s definitely hard to hurt somebody,” she adds without revealing her final decision. “No matter what happens in the end, I hurt somebody.”

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