Bachelor Pad: Interview with Gia and Weatherman

People Magazine chats with Bachelor Pad Gia and Weatherman about their elimination...

People Magazine- When you were in the limo, you talked about rampant stupidity in the house. Can you explain?

Weatherman- A big part of the game is the people making decisions that will affect your fate, and there’s really only so much you can do in the end to control that, so that’s the challenge of the game … A lot of those people that did hold my fate in their hands could’ve helped themselves out by keeping me around … And also I think Gia’s decision to give Wes the rose was stupid and I think Nikki’s decision to vote for Craig to go home on the second rose ceremony was stupid … People didn’t realize that their decisions were going to be affecting them in the long run. People were too obsessed with the short-term and for not hurting anybody’s feelings or their friendships.

Do you think ultimately the couples strategy is going to work?
Now it’ll work. There was a chance for the outsiders to really take control … The last night when I was there, people like Peyton, who voted me off, she shot herself in the foot. She thinks Kiptyn and Kovacs are going to want to keep her around and she’s stupid for that. So, now all those people who are the outsiders, they’re all forming new relationships, like Jesse B. and Peyton. I think if you’re a couple coming in, you have a much better chance now of surviving.

If you had the chance to rewind, would you have played the game any differently?
I might have been a little more aggressive before the third rose ceremony. Everybody clammed up after what Gia said after the second rose ceremony about conspiring to send Kiptyn home. That made everybody just shut up and be like okay, if we talk about strategy, we’re gonna be a target, so I feel like that really made me clam up. Read the full interview here.

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