Reality Steve Blogs: After The Final Rose

Bachelor blogger, Reality Steve tells his thoughts about The Men Tell All and The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose. Reality Steve says....

-Frank has nothing to accomplish by ever appearing on this show again. I mean, why? Ali’s moved on, he’s moved on, and hell, even the guys from the show have moved on about it. ABC wanted to bring Frank back for ratings, for Ali to ask him all these deep, hard hitting questions, and the guy wanted no part of it. For what? So people could continue to crucify him. It makes all the sense in the world for ABC to want to bring him back for the “ATFR” show (ratings), and, it makes all the sense in the world for Frank not to want to be a part of it. When Chris said that a week ago during the taping that Frank “would be back here next week”, he didn’t know Frank would cancel on them. That’s why I’m surprised editing left that in there. They could’ve easily taken that out. But why Chris continued to run with it in his blog today just shows that ABC’s hype machine is in full force. Sure, it’d make good television to see Ali and Frank on stage together for the first time since Tahiti, so of course they’re gonna play it up. Too bad they’re never gonna get it.

-I still find it weird we are six days away from the finale and we have yet to see one clip in the previews of Ali at the final rose ceremony with Chris or Roberto. Not one picture of her standing there with either guy, and not even a shot of either guy walking towards her. Could mean a lot. Could mean nothing. Just know I can’t remember that ever happening in the history of this show. Personally if it were me, and I were in charge of this show, even though they already did it once during Byron’s season, for the next “Bachelor”, I’d have Chris and Roberto there on the first night and have the women choose who they wanted. These are probably the two most liked final two this franchise has ever had, and as far as the viewing audience, I don’t think they’d be hugely disappointed if either got the nod. Sure, some people like one over the other, but the response to both of them has been mostly positive, that I don’t see how it’d be a bad thing to go that way. Byron was back in season six. It’ll have been eight seasons since they’ve done the two “Bachelors” idea, so I think it would work. But hey, that’s just me. What do I know? Read his full posting at

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