More news on the Sad Break Up of Jillian and Ed

Bachelorette Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski

It's a sad day in Bachelorette fairytale land.

Check out the latest Jillian/Ed and Vienna/Jake split up here!


Anonymous said...

Jillian used to work for my company of restuarants in Vancouver before she lucked out in getting on this show.
She had no idea of what an interior designer was suppose to do when it came to designing my restuarants. She didn't even know the difference between laminate flooring and engineered hardwood floor(one is made from paper and the other is made from strips of wood).
My staff started calling an, 'EHB', (empty headed bimbo, who tried to fake it till she make's it)
I finally had to terminate her because of her lack of knowledge and poor design concepts in my restuarants in Vancouver.

Scotty Morrison

Anonymous said...

and why are telling the world this?

Anonymous said...

Scotty, you seem to be "faking it until you make it" too. You call yourself a restauranteur and you can't even spell "restaurant". Duh!

whatchuwant? said...

ok, i have no idea why miss/mr. anonymous here had to spoil jullian's name like that...come on, y da rude info? anyways, jullian's choice should've been Jake all a long..he is true to his love, guess jullian wasn't paying attention..(sighs)

Anonymous said...

The first post is not anonymous. It is signed by rude Scotty Morrison on the bottom. And her name is Jillian, not Jullian. Geez people, can't we spell anymore? By the way, I misspelled "restaurateur" above in my last post! Oops.