Interview with Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris admits on her Twitter that this is an old interview... Here is what she says about Ed. Read the full interview here!

The show's couples seem to have a poor track record. Why do you think that you and Ed have what it takes?

Jillian Harris: The thing about the show is that it has as good a track record—or better—as any other eight-week relationship. The difference in this show is [that] at the end of the eight weeks there is a premature proposal. First off, Ed and I kept the ring and kept it on my finger, but between the two of us we knew we needed to give ourselves time. I don’t think we are really any different than any of the couples who did make it or who didn’t—they (and we) are just all real people who gave something crazy a chance. I do, however, think Eddie and I have what it takes. We live in real life now, and we have a very real relationship. But we all know, even that sometimes isn't enough—so we work hard on trying to communicate, understand each other and work on our faults. Even though we’re like two peas in a pod and love each other to death, there is no such thing as a fairytale relationship and just like every other person out there, we have things to work on.

Have the dynamics changed since you and Ed have been dating off camera?

JH: Of course, but remember our relationship on camera was so quick. I joke around that I got engaged to someone after knowing them for eight minutes. The question is, has our relationship evolved in the last year? Yes—just like any other. You learn about the person, you love them more, I wear less makeup around him and we have a joint bank account. (Laughs) I think after the last year of being with him, we know each other well enough now to get engaged. Wait...we already did that!

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