Chris Harrison chats with Frank during the taping of 'After The Final Rose'

Chris Harrison gives his thoughts in a new interview with TV Guide. Read the full interview here! What's your take on Frank leaving Ali for his ex?
Chris Harrison: At the time I felt a little sorry for him. I wasn't mad at him. Say what you will. But what's he supposed to do? He's in love with someone, he has to leave. I don't love the way it went down, how late it took him to come to grips with everything because obviously he was having these thoughts for weeks. So why wait until then to even say anything? Will we hear from him again?
Harrison: He's going to be with me at After the Final Rose. We're going to sit down because there are a lot of questions I have. How did you leave it? How serious were you? It's not uncommon for people to come on this show and realize what they had at home maybe was genuine or real. Even Melissa Rycroft went back to her ex. ... Maybe that's what happened, but to me it also seemed like an escape; an easy way out. He was having a tough time dealing with Ali and the situation so it seemed a little convenient that it all piled on his shoulders and then he bailed. The way it went down doesn't feel right, or cohesive. It left more questions than answers. What can you preview for next week's Men Tell All?
Harrison: First of all, I don't know how much America will hear because we'll have to bleep out 90 percent of what was said. It got heated. I was pleasantly surprised it didn't take long for the guys to really open up about each other, whether it was Weatherman and Craig, or Kasey talking about his tattoos. They were very outspoken about Rated R's moves. And I can definitely tease we have a surprise guest and you're going to learn even more about that situation.

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