The Cast of The 'Bachelor Pad'

The Bachelor Pad is coming and you'll see some familiar faces.

According to Blogger, Reality Steve, here is our cast for the Bachelor Pad...

Kiptyn Locke — Jillian Harris' season
Wes Hayden — Jillian's season- hooray! Wes is back!
Juan Barbieri — Jillian's season
Jesse Kovacs – Jillian’s season
Michelle Kujawa – Jake Pavelka’s season- we love nutty Michelle! (we hope Michelle and Wes hook up! What a couple!)
Jessie Sulidis — Jake's season
Tenley Molzahn — Jake's season
Elizabeth Kitt – Jake’s season
Ashley Elmore – Jake’s season
Gia Allemand — Jake's season
Nikki Kaapke — Jason Mesnick's season
Natalie Getz — Jason's season
Craig McKinnon – Ali Fedotowsky’s season
Jonathan Novack – Ali's season- Weatherman!!!
Jesse Beck – Ali’s season
Krisily Kennedy – Charlie O’Connell’s season
Gwen Gioia – Aaron Buerge’s season
Peyton Wright – Andy Baldwin’s season

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