The Bachelorette Week 2

According to the Bachelorette recap on this site, "The first date card has arrived! The lucky man: Frank, the spectacled goofball from Illinois. There’s something endearing about the guy, and he’s a lot cooler than he appears or acts — especially when he ditches those glasses and hops in a retro convertible with a hot babe like Ali.

Too bad the car breaks down on the freeway — but the duo still magically makes it to the Hollywood sign for a romantic hilltop date, and it turns out their defective ride does serve its purpose as a cool perch for a moonlight picnic. And a heated makeout sesh. And some sweet words: “There’s nothing normal about you,” Ali tells Frank. Aww. She insists that’s a good thing — and judging by their chemistry, and the fact that she’s handing him a rose, she isn’t lying. Frankie’s in! Well, at least until Ali gets another glimpse of Roberto." Read the full story here.

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