Reality Steve gives away FINAL TWO!!

Reality Steve
is spoiling The Bachelorette a little early this year. The Bachelorette hasn't yet started and Reality Steve is giving away his secrets. Warning if you don't want to know, do not read Reality Steve's blog. He gives away most of the season.

"1-on-1 date: Frank. He and Ali end up at the Hollywood Sign and he kisses her with his sunglasses on at night. Corey Hart would be proud. Frank gets a rose.
Group date:
Calendar photo shoot on the beach in Malibu. Ty Brown gets the rose on this date after promoting his music career by singing to Ali with his guitar. Somewhere our boy Wes has a tear in his eye. “They saaaaaaaay love, it don’t come eeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssy…”
1-on-1 date:
Jesse. He and Ali take a private jet to Vegas and see a private concert by Jamie Cullum at the new Aria hotel. Jesse gets a rose.

Rose ceremony eliminations: Chris Hasek-Watt, Craig from Canada, Tyler Vermette."

The bachelorette boys...

Jesse Beck – country boy
Justin “Rated R” Rego – the wrestler
John Crivello – uhhhh, no idea. Still wets his bed
Kasey Kahl – the sweet talker
Tyler Vermette – he wishes Ali liked him more
Chris Hasek-Watt (Canada) – says “a-boot” and “or-gan-EYE-zation”
Roberto Martinez – the baseball player
Chris N. (From Florida) – pissed there are two other Chris’ on the show
Jonathan Novack – weatherman
Ty Brown – the country musician from Nashville
Kirk DeWindt – personal trainer
Craig Robinson – lawyer
Frank Neuschaefer – the aspiring screenwriter
Hunter Wagner – the one trick pony ukulele player
Chris Lambton – moved home to take care of mom who passed away
Steve Kocsis – I’ll go with “likes blueberries and Sweet Valley High books”
Craig from Canada – probably hunts moose and eats deer meat

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What is Chris N's last name?