Chris Harrison Blog: After The Final Rose

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It’s hard to believe this season is over. Maybe it’s because there have been a few things that have distracted our attention this time around, but it really seems like this season has flown by. I’m glad you all got a chance to be introduced to Jake’s family. I think once you see them and how they interact as a family it’s easy to see why Jake is the way he is. They are all such good communicators and you can see where Jake has gotten his skills. His parents fell in love with Tenley the moment she walked in the door. That’s not hard to believe as everybody who has met Tenley this season loves her and has nothing but good things to say about her. Jake’s family quickly put her in front and I honestly don’t think they gave Vienna much of a chance to succeed at first. The fact that Vienna was able to sway their opinion and convince them otherwise was really impressive. It’s actually ironic that what happened to Vienna in the house with the girls, happened again with Jake’s family. The only difference is that Vienna was able to make it right with Jake’s family.

This show has given me the opportunity to go to some pretty special and beautiful places. The island of Saint Lucia is high on that list. The people and the beauty of the island are just about as good as it gets. With that said, several of the crew kept trying to get me to go to those sulphur springs that Jake and Vienna went to. I know it looked romantic on TV, but that’s only because you couldn’t smell it. Everybody who came back from the sulphur springs said it was cool, but the sulphuric odor smelled like rotten eggs and it pretty much ruined whatever you were wearing. Needless to say, I passed. The crew gave me a bottle of the mud as a gift.

We spent the final week of our trip at the Jalousie resort. It sits in this beautiful cove nestled between the two pitons (those big mountains you see in all the shots). Between the scenery, the beach, the people, the food, and, of course, the rum, the Jalousie resort is easily one of the best we visited over the eight years we’ve been doing this show. More blog here.

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