Latest bachelor gossip about tonight's bachelor finale....

Bachelor Jake Pavelka to Hand out Final Rose to....
Bachelor Jake says "Vienna got raw deal"
Jake Pavelka makes his Final Choice
Jake Pavelka coy about Marriage Plans
Vienna says "I deserve to Win Jake's Heart!"
Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are Engaged!
OK Magazine: Ali and Jake's secret reunion!
Bachelor Bob Guiney likes Tenley the best
Chris Harrison Says "We've Had a Serious Lack of Hot Tubs this Season!"

Chris Harrison Twitters about the show!

Jake Pavelka The Bachelor

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Anonymous said...

jake has to be the stupidest man in the world.. he jus tryin to find some young girl to make him feel like a child.. tenley is by far the better choice.. more mature.. has her life together more than vienna.. vienna looks like a dude too.. come on now.. ray charles and stevie wonder would have had more than enough sense to mary tenley.. jake a damn fool.. he jus dont wanna grow up