The Bachelor is over but the scandal continues. According to gossip magazines, Jake Pavelka is now cheating on his new bride-to-be. Jake is, of course, denying this rumor as who really believes that Jake cheated anyways? This site says that "a woman claiming to be one of Pavelka’s ex-girlfriend’s said that 32-year-old Jake left their relationship “on hold” before leaving to film “The Bachelor.” The woman asked that her identity remain a secret. Jake says 'he has no idea who this woman is.' Our guess is that it's ex-bachelorette crazy eyes Michelle or perhaps Rozlyn!

This site is reporting that "Jake chose Vienna to erase his past as high school loser." That story just makes us laugh.

On 'The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love,' Jake Pavelka chose Vienna Girardi to erase his loser past.

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