In Non "Ali left the Show" news- Jillian's new engagement photos

Beautiful new wedding shots of Jillian and Ed! Check out a clip from the latest interview below!

Full interview on this site!

Inspired by this: How has wedding planning been so far?

Jillian- “Stressful! 80% of the time we just to do something small and private and make it our own.” I mentioned Molly and Jason & Trista and Ryan’s weddings and asked if doing something televised for their own wedding is out of the picture. She mentioned she had just talked to all of them about it and she’s not ruling it out. She just knows as both a bride and designer she wants it to be very inline with her personal taste and aesthetic. I told Ed he could be as involved or not involved as he wants to!” She explained that Ed does want a say in some aspects but when it comes to minute d├ęcor and detail choices- he’s leaving that up to her design expertise.

Have they set a date?

She says no, not yet! They aren’t ready to commit to a date. Originally they were looking for Fall 2010 but now it maybe sometime next year. “I’m pretty sure I know where I want to do it, what I want to wear, and who I want to come, but that’s really it.”

Is there a wedding planner on board?

Yep! But she can’t say who just yet. That’s ok! I’m just so excited she is enlisting the help of a planner- Jillian totally gets it!

How did they choose their engagement session photographer and what was the inspiration behind the shoot?

“Wedded Bliss was always sweet and supportive of me back when I was on The Bachelor with Jason. I’ve loved her work and knew I wanted something both artistic and outdoors.” Winter is Jillian’s favorite time of year and being outside in the beautiful backdrop at home in Canada was the perfect setting.

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