The Bachelor: Tenley's Second Chance at Love


Tenley's wedding story at The Wedding Knot

The Proposal
Tenley had been in Japan for 9 months and was returning back home. Her first stop was in Oregon to pack up her room at her parents and move her car back down to California. Tenley made the drive from Oregon to California with her dad just like she had done when she had moved in with Ryan's family. Because Tenley had planned on house shopping that weekend after returning back to California, her mom flew into California to join Tenley and her dad.... so Tenley thought. After Tenley and her dad picked her mom up at the airport Tenley headed to Ryan's house thinking he was at school and wouldn't be home for another hour. Since Tenley still had a key to his home, she was told to take her parents in and make themselves at home to wait for Ryan to finish school. As Tenley arrived at Ryan's house there weren't any cars, although she had secretly hoped that Ryan might be there to surprise her... what Tenley did see was a dozen roses lining up the walkway to the doorstep. At the door there was a vase with more roses and a note that said, "keep your hands empty". Tenley unlocked the door and standing there was Ryan with a Nordstrom's Clothing box in hand. Tenley didn't care about that box and went straight for Ryan to smother him with hugs. This was the first time they were seeing each other in months. Ryan was really concerned that Tenley was smooshing the box that he had in hand, but Tenley didn't care she just wanted to have her reunion with Ryan. As soon as Ryan could he pulled Tenley's attention to the box and said, "I wanted to give you what you had first given me." Tenley thought, "was it jeans or a shirt first?" As Tenley opened the box she saw brownies and quickly remembered back to the first day she had met Ryan at his doorstep. Tenley had taken brownies to the family she was moving in with and when Ryan had answered the door, she was so flustered and just threw the pan of brownies at him saying, "here's some brownies". So inside the box was brownies. In the middle of the brownies was a ring box. Ryan then took the ring box out and got on one knee and asked Tenley to marry him. She said yes! It was a perfect moment, at the doorstep they had met at. Following the proposal both families went out for a formal dinner at the beach to celebrate!


Tenley grew up in Newberg, OR and graduated from Newberg High School in 2002. She then moved to Fullerton, CA to attend Hope International University and spent 2 years studying at HIU and followed a dream of hers by landing a job dancing for Disney. Tenley then moved back to Oregon for a year at George Fox University (in her hometown) and realized how much she loved California and the wonderful opportunities that it brought her. This move back to California opened the doors to the love of her life, Ryan Natividad... really, the doors opened to him! Tenley continued at HIU for a semester and then reached another dream of hers by landing a job at Tokyo Disney as a dancer/performer in a show there. As she returned home she again opened the doors to Ryan and he asked her to marry him, she said Yes! Now Tenley is living in Huntington Beach, and still dancing for Disney. Tenley loves Ryan very very much and can't wait to share the rest of her life with him.


Ryan grew up in Orange, CA and graduated from Orange Luthern High School in 2003. He then attended Fullerton College and played soccer on their team and worked for the city of Orange as a daycare provider. One summer evening, July 6, 2005 he opened the doors to the love of his life, Tenley Molzahn. Ryan continued to study at Fullerton College, but then decided to join the Golden West Police Academy as Tenley left for Japan. When Tenley returned, Ryan asked Tenley to marry him, and she said Yes! Ryan continued to work and study hard through the end of the police academy, and then graduated from the Golden West Police Academy on October 6, 2006. He then began working full-time for the city of Costa Mesa as a Police Officer. Ryan loves Tenley very very much and can't wait to share the rest of his life with her.

Tenley's wedding story at The Wedding Knot


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I'm confused about the title... isn't this her first marriage?

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This is suppossed to be about her first. Not second. There isn't even a second.