The Bachelor: Will Jake give more surprises?

Full bachelor re-cap here.

Jake Pavelka the Bachelor of 2010’s ABC’s reality show The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love finally selected the two finalists of the show this week. The final competition will be between Tenley and Vienna.

Among the 25 ladies that wooed the commercial pilot by profession in this season, Gia Allemand was the most rooted for lady. Ali Fedotosky gave her a tough competition until she decided to leave the show and Jake to save her job. Everyone thought Gia has got her edge back in the competition until Jake announced the final two.

The episode started with the Bachelor taking the three ladies to the island of St. Lucia on three separate dates. In each case all the ladies followed Jake to the Fantasy Suite Night without any reservations. Though lots of physicality and kissing were involved with Jake and Gia, Tenley and Jake had lots to talk about with a romantic dance, before following him to the FSN.


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