Bachelor Urgent Headlines: Tenley Loses her Arms in Photo

Tenley seems to have no arms in this photo. She obviously didn't get the memo to cross her arms in front. Did Vixen Vienna bite them off?

In other news....

Who will fill Jillian’s shoes as the next Bachelorette?

This site reports that " If you’ve been watching The Bachelor this season, you’re probably wondering how the producers have managed to generate such little drama from a show that should be all about the drama. Maybe it’s the choice of Jake as The Bachelor, or perhaps even the choices Jake has made with the women. The first two episodes were somewhat amusing but since then it’s been snoozeville for me. And really, Jake? Vienna in the top two? Maybe he sees something that the rest of the country doesn’t, but choosing her over Gia (or anyone else for that matter) makes us wonder about his priorities.

You also may be wondering why ABC spent so much time on the Jake/Ali phone conversation last night. We all knew Ali Fedotowski wasn’t coming back to the show, so why devote so much airtime to their discussion? Ya know why? Because they’re setting this up for Ali to be the next Bachelorette. A few weeks ago I was hearing rumours that ABC was recruiting her to fill Jillian’s shoes, but Ali’s appearance on today’s Ellen show gives the impression that this is much more than a rumour and almost a done deal. Full bachelor story here.

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