The Bachelor: Jake will 'fall apart' on 'Bachelor' finale

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The starchy 32-year-old commercial flight instructor, who has flown through the 25 women vying for his affection faster than any leading man on the seemingly never-ending ABC dating franchise, says he doesn't need to justify his romantic choices to the show's fans, who have been especially vocal that he kept fire-starter Vienna Girardi around.

"I don't have anything to apologize for," Pavelka declared during a recent interview.

"I know that America doesn't really understand," Pavelka said. "It sounds so jaded and so bad, but who is the authority that says the human heart can't be in love with more than one girl at the same time? That's what I was taught, that it can only happen with one girl at a time, but that's not the truth. I was crazy about Ali, Vienna, Tenley and Gia."

On Monday's episode, viewers will see Pavelka travel to St. Lucia with the three remaining women. It's on that Caribbean island where he said a romantic exchange will begin to "fire off a good, fruitful relationship." Pavelka would not say if he's still in love with multiple ladies.

He just promised that the March 1 finale would be amazing and crazy.

"I think I fall apart," he said, "because the emotion and the connection with the women is so strong."

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