The Bachelor: Jake Pavelka to pop the question in St Lucia

The Bachelor: On the Ring of Love

Cap Maison boat

Jake Pavelka, The Bachelor

The Examiner says 'check out the video posted by CityTV, where Jake tells Gia, "Nobody else exists right now" after he rolls around in the sand with both Tenley and Vienna. He also says St. Lucia is the "perfect place to fall in love." But will Ali's "surprise" phone call catch the pilot off guard?

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Anonymous said...

it just goes to show you men are incapable of thinking beyound the space of their penis in front of them vienna is 23 jake is 32 and hes talking about family values and a hint at a strong (christian)beliefs but when it comes right down to it theirs really no depth to them he cried over julian when she let him go do you think if she was one of these girls she would o0f lasted hell no he got rid of the women closer to his age and he would have3 gotten rid of her! this is the same as that bachelor from england he picked the youngest how long did that last what a joke!