The Bachelor goes to St. Lucia with Gia, Tenley, Vienna and Ali?

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After yet another dramatic end to Monday’s episode of the Bachelor on ABC Jake told the final three bachelorettes hoping to win the final rose and his heart, to pack their bags and get ready to head to Saint Lucia. “It is one of the most beautiful places on earth that I know,” Jake said before the show ended with scenes shot here last year.

The final three bachelorettes will join Jake in Saint Lucia, where each woman must decide if she wants to join him in the fantasy suite after a romantic date. During the final three episodes filmed here Jake takes one of the ladies, Tenley, on a helicopter ride over the lush tropical scenery of Saint Lucia to view the beauty of the iconic Piton mountains. After landing at the Balenbouche Estate, the couple enjoys an idyllic picnic with stunning views. The two continue to relish their alone time with an intimate dinner at The Body Holiday LeSPORT, a world renowned spa resort located on the beach.

With Gia, on his second outing Jake goes on a fishing trip to Gros Islet. The boating excursion is followed by a casual jaunt through the markets where local vendors offer tourists a variety of handmade memorabilia, spices and foods. Jake and Gia also trek to Pigeon Island for a private beach picnic.

For the third and final outing Jake and Vienna are able to unwind with a chartered ride on the Brig Unicorn. Although Jake is having a spectacular time, he is apprehensive as he realizes he has to eliminate one of the women he has fallen for at the rose ceremony the next night. The natural splendor of Saint Lucia makes Jake’s decision even harder as he must say goodbye to one bachelorette and send her home without his heart. Jake and his bachelorettes settle in at either Cap Maison or LeSPORT where they are able to share their true feelings in a private retreat.

Cap Maison is the venue for some scenes in  the Bachelor’s rendezvous in St Lucia.

Cap Maison is the venue for some scenes in the Bachelor’s rendezvous in St Lucia. The rose ceremony is set atop a private ocean-front bluff with panoramic sunset views at Cap Maison—the ideal setting for the traditional rose ceremony. Rest of the story, visit here.

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