The Bachelor: Ali still has a job

Ali Fedotowsky

If anyone believes that Ali returns next week or in the final episode (flying in the helicopter), this statement issued by her employer, Facebook, clarifies that she doesn't.

"Ali Fedotowsky said that she did indeed fall in love with Jake, this season’s bachelor, but that she also loves her job, which turns out to be an advertising sales account-manager position at Facebook. The company is pleased with her choice. "We appreciate (that) the personal decision to return to work was deeply difficult, but we're glad Ali decided to come back," a Facebook representative has reportedly said. New York magazine did some further snooping around and found that “according to a source close to the matter, Fedotowsky told her manager about The Bachelor before she left (though, strangely, not her co-workers), and used up her entire vacation allotment for the filming of the show.”

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