The Bachelor: Ali leaves Jake Heartbroken

Jake had a great hometown visit with Ali family, loved her parents and even "met" her grandmother. And then, Ali leaves. Would Ali have been the one?

Ali of The BachelorThis blogger writes that "Everything seemed perfect when Bachelor contestant Ali brought Jake Pavelka to her hometown. Ali made wishes on falling leaves, brought Jake to her dead grandmother's house, and introduced him to her family (Her mother even had a gut feeling he was the one). "I want to be there in the end," Ali told Jake at the end of the hometown date. "If you asked me today, I would say yes."

Full Bachelor re-cap here.

The Bachelor: Jake Is Hit With A Bombshell From Ali

Ali was faced with an impossible decision tonight! She was asked to return back to work immediately!Ali had to choose between taking a chance on Jake or keeping her job! Ali met with Jake at his hotel room pleading for advice and unfortunately for Ali, Jake couldn’t give her indication either way. Read the full blog posting here.


Beth said...

Don't worry, I believe Ali will be back! If not for Jake then as the next Bachelorette!

Anonymous said...

I hope not, I hope to pick her up next time I'm in SF. She's amazingly cute and I like a girl that's career minded.

Anonymous said...

Jake would be better suited at one of the girls on the show. What a pussy he's become. Get some balls!!!

Anonymous said...

I see I'm not the only one to think Jake has no balls. I'm glad Ali left. She deserves a real man. I noticed that everytime Jake talks about why he likes Vienna, he always says it's because of how good she makes him feel. And she goes out of her way to show how into him she is. Seems like he's insecure and wants to pick the girl that he KNOWS likes him. Almost like that's the main quality.