The Bachelor 14: What Everyone is saying about Ali Fedotowsky

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Will Ali be the next Bachelorette?

Ali begs to be back with Jake Pavelka

Bachelor Jake begged Ali not to go

'Bachelor' Jake: 'I will always love Ali'

"Bachelor's Chris Harrison: Ali "Definitely Has a Shot" to Be Next Bachelorette"

TV Guide Interview with The Bachelors' Chris Harrison

Photo from TV Guide

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Anonymous said...

She reminds us of a high school "mean girl." I believe Jake explained it all when he talked about how he, himself, was bullied in high school. It was very easy for him to understand that a group of people can go after one person for no reason at all. Anyone who has ever been picked on understands this clique phenomenon. Ali was the leader; the others did whatever she required of them. Jake's heart went out to Vienna. Good for him.