Wes Feels Bad for Jillian and Ed

Via: People Magazine

Wes Hayden, The Bachelorettes “baddest boy of them all,” just wrapped up a guys’ weekend in Austin with some other former contestants from the show.

Tanner [Pope,] who lives in Dallas, drove up while Mike [Stagliano] and David [Good] and the rest of the guys flew in to have a good time and see me,” Hayden tells PEOPLE. “I loved hanging out with the guys. We had a great time.”

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Anonymous said...

In reading the article, the implication I drew from Wes's comments, is that the entire show is fake - that there was no true expectation of finding a real relationship and that it was all acting. That would also explain Ed's crass actions -- sleeping with the other women after he was supposedly engaged to Jillian.