TV reality couple settle in

'Bachelorette' & fiancé reveal their plans

Jillian Harris (right) said yes to Ed Swiderski.

CHICAGO - Those who follow "The Bachelorette" know full well that Jillian Harris accepted Ed Swiderski's proposal during Monday's finale.

And that the engagement came after a series of dramatic twists and turns, including when Swiderski left the show earlier in the season to try to keep his job as a technology consultant, only to return two episodes later after realizing he'd made the wrong decision.

Harris, who is Canadian, will move to Chicago in September to live with Swiderski. They plan to get married in Canada in a year to 18 months.

What else do we want to know about the happy couple? We talked with them by phone Wednesday in New York.

Full interview with Jillian and Ed here.

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