Jillian Harris wants to have kids, Trista wants no more!

Trista Sutter, the Original Bachelorette, Undergoes Essure Procedure After Deciding Her Family is Complete


After the arrival of her second child (a baby girl named Blakesley Grace, born on April 3, 2009), Trista Sutter, the star of ABC’s first Bachelorette show, is reporting that her Essure procedure went well, and that the entire procedure took place in her physician’s office in about the same amount of time as a routine OB/GYN exam.

During Trista’s pregnancy with Blakesley, she had expressed to her physician that she was considering having a tubal ligation after the delivery. Trista, along with her husband Ryan Sutter, felt their family would be complete after the arrival of their second child. After speaking with her doctor about all her birth control options, Trista decided that the Essure procedure was the best fit for her.

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