by Tasha Gordon-solomon,

This week's episode was billed as "The most emotional season finale in Bachelorette history." But unless bikinis make you teary, it was pretty tame. Thought Jillian had "doubts" about the two remaining men, the conflict felt pretty contrived. Was the passion there with Ed after it fell flaccid - sorry, flat in the fantasy suite? Was Kiptyn realy ready to make a long-term commitment? Who would she choose: cuddly commitment or sexy passion? Read on to find out.

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Anonymous said...

This show is a true testament to the decline of our society's integrity as a whole. The show is contrived and empty. How can an intelligent person sit and watch a show that purports to have two individuals find a long-lasting love between them in 6-8 weeks while one of them dates numerous other individuals and has numerous intimate encounters with other people during the courtship phase. Is there any logic here? This is sensationalism and escapism. Clearly, we missed the boat somewhere along the way. People are bored with their own lives and have no will to do anything about it. So, for these types of people, the Bachelor and the Bachelorette fill that void. It is sad and also depressing that shows like this thrive. We get only one shot at this life and it seems that most people are content to sit and do nothing about it other than watching other people "chase" their dreams. This is the world we live in. This is why this show is successful. If the couples were as successful as the show is in making money and generating ratings there would be something to brag about. But the results speak for themselves. This is all an embarrassment, plain and simple. Sorry, but you all know it too.