The Bachelor 2015: Who is Chris Soules?

Chris Soules is ABC's newest Bachelor! The Bachelor begins January 2015. We met Chris first on Andi Doorman's season of The Bachelorette where it just didn't work out between the Andi the lawyer and Chris the farmer.

Who is Chris Soules? 

Age: 32 years old
Hometown: Arlington, Iowa
Occupation Farmer

"A family man through and through, Chris counts his father, who is a farmer, too, as his role model. His all-American mom immediately made Andi feel like a part of their family on Chris' hometown date. And Chris' three older sisters originally submitted him for the show. When Chris starts his own family, he is hoping for a big one like his own: four to six children. Chris, who actually could drive a tractor before he could drive a car, grew up on a farm in nearby Lamont, Iowa, and attended Iowa State University, where he studied agronomy and agriculture. He brought his skills back to the family farm where he expanded the business and helped make it the multi-million dollar enterprise it is today. This 6'1", blue-eyed bachelor loves football, camping and country music."  

Photo via ABC 

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