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Sorry Des but I have a girlfriend back home
In her new blog post for People Magazine, Desiree Hartsock blogs about Brian's secret girlfriend back home. Here's what Des had to say...

"I had no idea that Brian had a girlfriend back home or that he had unresolved problems with her. I was disgusted when I heard the news, and even more outraged when I learned that Stephanie is a single mother. It made me mad that someone could be so deceitful and disrespect women in that way. He also wasted my time and took the spot of another guy that did have the right intentions. Regardless of whether Brian and Stephanie were still together or not, there was no chance he was there for the right reasons – or that he was staying. I just wanted him out of the house and to put it all behind me."

Good for you Des! You can read Desiree's full Bachelorette blog at People Magazine. 

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