Q&A with The Bachelorette's Ben Scott

Ben Scott is the 28 year old single father who all the guys love to hate. Check out this recent media interview with Ben and here what he has to say about his experiences on the Bachelorette. 

It seems like you don't get along with Michael G. Is this true?
Ben Scott: Michael is wearing his heart on his sleeve.  He's a great guy and what happened between us was unfortunate timing and you saw that when he had an issue with what happened he confronted me.  He's not afraid to confront somebody when he has any type of issues, so unfortunately that's what happened between us.

Do you think Desiree is ready to be a step-mother to your son? 
Ben Scott: The main reason I brought my son was to see how Des reacted once she knew that I was a father and she saw my son in person... She was totally OK with him and it made me extremely happy and I think that's one of the reasons our relationship began to grow so fast.

You are a single father to son Brody. Can you tell us about Brody's mother? 
Ben: My son's mother was actually my college girlfriend and we had Brody and we tried to make things work and in the end we really just sat down and talked and said what's best for our situation?
We don't want to get married just to get married because we have a kid.  We want to get married because we're in love.  In the end, we decided that that's not where we were in our lives.  So we thought it was better for Brody to have two parents who are very happy who aren't together than to have two parents that are together and are very unhappy.

Who was your closest friends in the house? 
Ben: I was on good terms with most of the guys... Of course you never know what people are really thinking, but Brad was one of my really good friends and (Zach Hag) was one of my good friends, Robert was a good friend of mine....I connected with Brooks, he's a great guy. 

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