Will Brian Jarosinski attend the Men Tell All?

On Monday's episode of The Bachelorette, Brian Jarosinski, got himself in hot water (and we don't mean a hot tub) with Desiree when Chris Harrison showed up with his so-called girlfriend back home. Will Brian have the guts to show up for the Men Tell All taping?

Chris Harrison tells TV Guide that he hopes Brian will attend the MTA. " I'd love to at least get his spin on it and find out why and what he was thinking," Harrison says. "I'm not mad at the guy, I really don't care. Maybe he's not a bad guy and has been stuck in this horrible rut of a relationship and thought, "This is what I need to find something new."

Will that be the end of the drama for Desiree? Chris Harrison says there is more drama to follow! Harrison says that the guys have it out for Ben Scott and there's even more drama to follow!

The Bachelorette returns Monday, June 17th on ABC. 

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